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Want to do your best for Planet Earth, but don’t know where to start?

Here we share 10 tips on how you can support a more sustainable future protecting your planet and our future generations.

It’s one thing being passionate about making a difference, but what in fact makes a difference? And how can you fit this into a busy lifestyle where convenience and speed are a necessity.

Here’s some ideas that can really add up to huge savings and are pretty simple to adopt right now!

Cut down on motor miles by walking or biking to work.


A great way to not only get in your daily steps, burn more calories, get a breath of fresh air (literally), but also in a World that requires convenience, kill 2 birds with 1 stone by getting in your daily dose of exercise at the same time as commuting to the 9-5!!

Walking is also really good for the soul. Getting out in the fresh air also whilst upping those steps will do wonders for your Mental Health. If you have a colleague who lives close by, why not walk together, grab a coffee and put the world to rights en route!

With the fuel costs continually on the rise, you’ll be saving money in the process.

If this isn’t an option as you live too far away from work, consider public transport options. Sharing any type of vehicle with many people is always going to be a more sustainable method than travelling individually in separate vehicles. This is still cutting down emissions considerably.

(We were only kidding about the killing of birds by the way. We love birds).

Consider going for an electric vehicle or reducing your 2 car household down to 1.


As electric cars develop more and more over time, they are not only becoming more accessible in terms of charge points, but again, will save money and fuel and make an astronomical difference to your emissions output.

Quite a few employers now offer electric car schemes such as the salary sacrifice benefit that’s worth checking out. If you’re in a position where you were considering a new car, this could be a cheaper way to not only purchase a new vehicle for less but also gain tax savings as an added bonus.

If buying  a new car is totally off radar, consider adopting a car share between you and a colleague. Sharing fuel, halving emissions. Perfecto.

 Shopping Online


If Covid taught us one thing, it’s how we can pretty much do anything within the comfort of our own home. (Although we know that can get old quick)! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to become a hermit and shunt all social events over your mug of hot cocoa and comfy slippers, but there are certainly instances we can opt to shop online and avoid having to travel out. This is also hugely convenient, as you can get all the chores done at home and have the shop come to you, whilst again, doing your bit! Who knew doing your bit could incorporate doing less! I’m Sold!!  

If you do need to travel out and about, try and combine journeys into one to save on miles (you may pass the pharmacy on the way to the supermarket) and also cut down on shorter journeys. Modern vehicles can emit twice as much pollution in the first five minutes of running, according to research.

Work from home if the option is available to you


It can be tempting to travel into work with the hustle and bustle of office life. The social side is certainly a draw, and especially with rising fuel costs, when heating your homes is becoming a bigger a concern by the day, especially as we’re moving into colder months. But, if your Company embraces homeworking, it really does support a better work-life balance, nipping and getting home chores done during your break times and lunch period without the cost of commuting to and from work. Another great way to do your bit for the environment from the comfort of your own home of all things!

Consider Recommerce and Made to Order


Reduce, reuse, recycle. Buying second hand will reduce costs, reduce overproduction, and by  breathing life into a pre-loved item, you’re reusing and supporting the whole recycling process. Even better, you can re-sell your own items and make a tidy profit whilst still recycling. It’s a fantastic eco-system! 

If you do decide to buy new, try to find brands that offer a made to order or on-demand manufacturing ethos like we do here at PlanetandChild. It may take a little longer for delivery but it’s reducing waste and energy from overproduction.

 Consider adopting 1 meat free day a week.


Did you know, reducing consumption of meat can help contain production of greenhouse gases that impact climate change. It can also help lessen the demand for precious environmental resources such as land, water, and energy.

Meat not only costs more on the food bill, but depending on the meat source can be higher in saturated fats. By increasing consumption of plant-based foods you can improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Saving money, greenhouse gases and optimising your health!

Invest in quality reusable products!  


Reusable coffee mugs, metal straws, stainless steel water bottles like the one featured on our Planet and Child store. Reusable shopping bags, Lunch boxes… any product that is reusable and reduces waste makes a huge difference. This should also save time and money on re-purchase too. Win – win!

Before recycling, consider repurpose


Can that empty jar or plastic tub have a use within your own kitchen space? What about using plastic tubs within your children’s playroom?  You could even store jewelry and make-up in plastic tubs, and if you’re feeling really creative, design your own make up / jewelry box!

If repurpose isn’t an option, make sure you separate out your general waste from your recycling waste and glass bin, so your items can still be recycled or upcycled into new products later down the line!

Lots of small changes can make a big difference!

Most of the above are minor changes that are easy and quick to adopt. These changes will add up over time, so don’t feel these changes are negligible. If everybody does their bit, the impact will be significant!

Together we can make a difference.

Together we’re the future…


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